Habitat Acquires Three Cortez Houses for Completion

Habitat Photo

     Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County (HFHMC) has taken a significant step forward with the acquisition of three new but incomplete houses in Cortez.

“This is by far the biggest project HFHMC has undertaken since its formation in 2008,” says board president Gary Harding. “We will need many volunteers, as well as financial and material donations to complete the necessary work on the houses so that each can become a new home for a qualified, low-income partner family from Montezuma County.”

HFHMC recently purchased the houses from USDA. The houses are 80-85% complete. In addition to helping three qualified low income families purchase their own homes, the properties will be returned to the tax rolls and will be kept up, improving the community as a whole.

All houses built or rehabilitated by Habitat require extensive volunteer help, as well as “sweat equity” by the selected partner families who will become owners.

Detailed information about who may qualify to apply for a home and how to go about it will be made public throughout Montezuma County in the coming months, including at public meetings.

Please call HFHMC executive director Barbara Stagg at 970-565-8312 if you can volunteer to work on the houses or if you’d like to discuss donating funds or needed materials. You can also email Stagg at office@habitatmontezuma.org.

“While all volunteers are welcome,” says Stagg, “as are all donations from both the public and the business communities, we also need to expand our volunteer base of construction professionals to help complete the houses.”

Because Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County has qualified for Region 9 Enterprise Zone designation, all cash donations over $250 provide a 25% direct state income tax credit for the donor. In kind donations over $250, such as building materials, earn a 12.5% state income tax credit.

According to Harding, this opportunity to offer three Montezuma County families safe and affordable housing is a direct result of past donations in time, material and dollars from individuals and businesses throughout the community, particularly donations to Habitat’s Sales Center. Sales income there helped fund the purchase of the three homes.

“We are truly excited to be embarking on this major project,” says Harding. “My fellow board members join me in thanking everyone who has supported Habitat in any way and in asking for your continuing support toward Habitat for Humanity’s vision – a world where everyone has a decent place to live.