Habitat for Humanity Receives Large Donation



Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County (HFHMC), our local affiliate of the international not-for-profit, received a large donation from the proceeds of a sale of a cabin located on National Forest property.  The donation, in excess of $50,000, did not come from a Montezuma County resident, but rather from an altruistic couple, Mary Jo and Verlin Dickman, who live outside of Colorado Springs.  Mary Jo, who was a past dance partner and neighbor with our friend and past Board member Mitchell Toms, offered the donation based on that relationship and we are thankful that we and our community will benefit greatly from it.

While two of our Board members are actively seeking matching funds from grant providers in our area, Mary Jo and Verlin’s donation provide HFHMC with the “icing on the cake” assuring adequate funds to:

  • complete many of our A Brush with Kindness projects that benefit our area residents less able to keep up with their properties;
  • acquire our first existing home requiring a complete renovation and subsequent placement of a family; and
  • perform our first complete new home build.

Mark Reider, Esq., an attorney in Cortez, graciously provided pro bono legal work making it possible for HFHMC to sell the cabin which was located on natural forest land.

While the donation and funds place HFHMC in a great position, the next hurdle for us is to assure sustainability – that is, to improve more neighbor homes, place more deserving families in safe and affordable houses, and create safe and affordable housing developments to place even more deserving families just not able to purchase a home on their own without some assistance.  To become sustainable, we need more volunteers for both the store and for the projects.  We can always use cash, but for those who cannot afford to provide cash, your time and your store donations of useful furniture and other items is just as important.

We thank Mary Jo and Verlin profusely for the generous donation and hope that our more able residents in Montezuma County will step up and offer similar assistance.  To volunteer at the store, in our projects or on our Board or committees (for example, to select and educate families on homeownership), or donate money or goods, you can call us at 970-565-8327, visit our websites (http://habitatmontezuma.org/ http://habitatmcsales.com ) or come to a Board meeting held every second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 AM at First National Bank of Cortez.

Help a neighbor and in that way help yourself.