A Brush With Kindness in Mancos


PICS 02-2Dustin Fleming is a man confined to a powered wheelchair by a progressive disease.  He grew up in Englewood, spent some time in California, taught on the reservation, and lived in Shiprock and Cortez before coming to Mancos.  Used to doing his own work, Dustin has reached the point where large projects are too difficult.  So, in September and October, Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County volunteers performed a couple of projects through it’s A Brush with Kindness program to help Dustin with a hand up.

Dustin Hoffman

We washed, caulked and stained the exterior of Dustin’s home and porch railings.  We also sanded and painted his door jambs.  Last, we prepped and coated Dustin’s deck, preparing door access for his caregivers and pets for the winter.

HFHMC would like to thank Home Depot of Durango for donating the materials and tools to repair the deck.  We would also like to thank Krogers Ace Hardware of Durango and Slavens True Value of Cortez for providing us with discounts on the house stain and related materials.

These community projects would not be possible without the participation of our volunteers – who perform the actual work and who volunteer at our store to raise the money to finance these projects.  Last, we would like to thank those who shop at  our store in Cortez and provide donations, small and large.  Your support helps us provide Montezuma County families with safe and affordable housing.