Sales Center seeks new assistant manager

Store Manager with Habitat truck

Store Manager with Habitat truck now outfitted with new tailgate

Habitat for Humanity seeks Assistant Manager for our Cortez resale store.Must be able to pass a background check, to interact effectively with a diverse customer/donor/volunteer base, have good computer skills, a valid drivers’ license and good driving record, and the ability to help load/unload heavy, bulky items both on-site and off. Salary $8/ hr, 30-32 hours per week. Submit resume and copy of driving record to Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 1261, Cortez CO 81321. Applications must be received by October 1, 2014

Position Description:

Assistant Manager

Habitat for Humanity of Montezuma County Sales Center

Reports to:  Sales Center Manager

Job Description:  Assists the Manager in all aspects of running the Sales Center, with an emphasis on administrative and operational functions.  Helps recruit, supervise, train, and motivate volunteers.  Responsible for pricing and merchandising within established guidelines.  Participates in unloading drive-up donations and loading customer purchases.  Uses Sales Center box truck to pick up donations and make deliveries to customers.  Assists the Manager in meeting budget goals.


  1. With Manager, has primary responsibility for both opening and closing the Sales Center for scheduled daily hours. Is usually present when the store is open.
  2. Purchases consumables for the Sales Center within monthly budget goals.
  3. Provides general oversight of store operations and volunteer management in coordination with other team managers.  Directly supervises cashiers.
  4. Performs daily sales/cash register reconciliation and prepares deposits.
  5. Works closely with the Sales Center Manager to attract and retain volunteers by:
    1. Developing a daily and weekly schedule of volunteers with assigned times and areas/tasks.
    2. Developing and updating training programs for new volunteers; personally training new volunteers or assigning a volunteer staff member to train the new volunteers.
    3. Taking advantage of opportunities to recruit new volunteers
  6. Help conduct training for new staff members and current staff members on new policies and programs.
  7. Communicate with prospective donors in person, by phone, and by email.  Explain donation acceptance policy and tax credit/tax deduction opportunities when appropriate, and obtain all necessary information for scheduling donation pick ups.   Uses the Sales Center truck to pick up donations at donors’ homes and businesses.
  8. Assist Sales Center Manager in developing and implementing marketing and public relations ideas for increasing donations and sales.
  9. Design display and organization of showroom sales areas jointly with Sales Center Manager.  Has primary responsibility for ensuring that all items on the sales floor are properly cleaned, priced and stickered.

Skills & Qualifications

  1. Ability to use Microsoft Word & Excel, and a willingness to learn other programs as needed.  Must be able to operate all office equipment, pricing guns, cash register, and credit card processor.
  2. Must be self-motivated, reliable and enthusiastic. Enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Ability to handle and defuse challenging situations with tact. Excellent communication and conflict resolution skills.
  4. Commitment to safe working environment.
  5. Ability to provide leadership and supervision to staff and volunteers while also having the ability to perform most tasks in the absence of staff or volunteers.
  6. Must maintain a valid drivers’ license and good driving record, and be able to operate the Sales Center truck, alone at times but more commonly with an assistant, to pick up donations at donor residences and businesses.
  7. Must be physically able to safely move donations from the donor’s facility onto our truck, including refrigerators, other large appliances, and large items of furniture, using a hand truck, furniture dolly, and the truck lift gate.

Critical Performance Outcomes 

  • Ensuring that visitors to the store, both customers and donors, receive a friendly greeting and are assisted promptly and courteously.
  • Assuring that housekeeping functions are carried out regularly so that the sales floor, restroom, break room, office, and outdoor areas are reasonably clean and tidy.
  • Making sure that volunteers regularly scrutinize the shelves and other merchandise displays to clean up after customers and put items back in their proper locations.
  • Helping to maintain safety in the store and in the loading/unloading area, storage areas, and the yard, sidewalk, and parking lot.  Also helping to maintain the safety of the truck and of donation pick-up operations.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of daily register reconciliation.