Construction Site Supervisor


Reports to

HFHMC Executive Director


Job Description

This part-time HFHMC position oversees construction and rehabilitation projects. The site supervisor plans projects and organizes materials, tools, and teams of volunteers and partner families to complete assigned projects. This position requires organizational and leadership skills, construction experience, problem-solving, and the ability to work effectively with volunteers and partner families. The site supervisor works to ensure the safe and effective completion of construction tasks.

The position is responsible for documenting progress on assigned tasks, volunteer hours, and sweat equity earned. Written and oral communication skills will be used on a daily basis. All worksite activities will be conducted with safety and quality as priorities. A personal commitment to the goals of HFHMC is critical.

The work schedule may include late afternoons/early evenings, including Saturdays and Sundays. This position may be intermittent, depending on project schedules. This position may work up to 24 hours per week, on average.



Safety and Security

  1. Stays up-to-date with, implements and ensures compliance with OSHA requirements and the HFHMC Safety Plan.
  2. Ensures compliance with all applicable building code, manufacturers’ instructions and environmental requirements.
  3. Ensures that tools are in good working condition.
  4. Ensures that the job site, including tools and materials, is secured and locked at the end of each work day.
  5. Schedules project inspections (external and internal) well in advance of the project completion date to ensure adequate time frames for completion of punch lists and modifications.


Planning, Budget and Project Implementation

  1. Adheres to HFHI manuals and policies, city codes and manuals, environmental health and safety standards, standard construction practices (planning, materials lists, bidding, professional quality of work).
  2. Demonstrates and maintains a thorough understanding of the permitted construction documents and all available construction drawings.
  3. Follows Executive Director and/or Construction Committee instructions, but offers and accepts suggestions for alternative methods toward achieving project goal.
  4. Responsible for some materials estimates, budget estimates, bids; wherever possible and before purchasing, works with Executive Director and/or Construction Committee to solicit and receive donations of materials and labor.
  5. Establishes a realistic work plan, task list, and project schedule.
  6. Stays within the approved budget and completes timely budget tracking.
  7. Ensures cost effective use of time and funding.
  8. Supervises and is responsible for day-to-day construction activities.
  9. Develops and updates project schedules.
  10. Reviews construction details for each project and addresses issues related to project implementation in a timely manner.
  11. Inventories and inspects delivered materials to ensure quality and damage control prior to accepting delivery.
  12. Ensures the necessary tools are available for scheduled tasks.
  13. Schedules and coordinates the work of sub-contractors and ensures there are no conflicts or overlap with tasks to be completed by volunteers and partner families.
  14. Obtains certificates of insurance and/or verifies current certificate on file prior to engaging in business with sub-contractors.
  15. Ensures quality and efficiency of task completion.



  1. Demonstrates a commitment to the goals of HFH and to environmental and industry standards, laws, regulations.
  2. Becomes familiar with HFH construction and safety handbooks/manuals and standards, and energy efficiency recommendations and standards.
  3. All work, including renovations, will result in “like new” condition and appearance.


Volunteers and Partner Families

  1. Works with office staff and family services to coordinate work schedule for volunteers and partner families.
  2. Assesses the diverse abilities of volunteers and partner families so that assigned work can be accomplished safely and successfully.
  3. Identifies and encourages skilled volunteers who work regularly and who can instruct partner families and lead other volunteers.
  4. Assists with scheduling and organizing the work of volunteers and Habitat partner families performing their sweat equity.
  5. Serves as a mentor/trainer for volunteers and partner families.
  6. Ensures a quality volunteer and partner family work experience.
  7. Documents and maintains current and accurate records of volunteer and family partner hours.


Communication and Coordination

  1. Regularly communicates with the Executive Director to prioritize daily/weekly tasks.
  2. Communicates issues of concern and potential schedule delays as they arise to the Executive Director.
  3. Communicates with the Executive Director to ensure compliance with all applicable building code requirements, including scheduling project inspections.
  4. Effectively uses the internet and written materials as a research tool to identify design and materials options, cost estimates, and industry and environmental standards (materials available, quality of materials, quality of work, etc.).
  5. Effectively uses the internet for timely communication with the Executive Director and Construction Committee.
  6. Respects partner privacy and does not discuss family details, finances, and/or compliance with HFHMC requirements with HFH peer staff, volunteers, or the public.


Skills & Qualifications


  1. Commitment to safe working environment.
  2. Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in residential construction with extensive knowledge of all phases of residential construction and renovation.
  3. Proven and effective oral and written communication skills.
  4. Able to complete construction and rehabilitation projects in accordance with prescribed Habitat guidelines, building codes and OSHA requirements.
  5. Ability to assess the capabilities of others and to teach basic construction techniques to unskilled families and volunteers.
  6. Able to safely lift construction materials and climb ladders.
  7. Able to use e-mail and a working knowledge of the Internet.
  8. Must be highly principled and consistently demonstrate ethical behavior.
  9. Self-motivated, reliable and enthusiastic. Enjoys working with people from diverse backgrounds.
  10. Adaptable to changing work conditions.
  11. Must maintain a valid driver’s license and good driving record.
  12. Able to pass a criminal background check.

Critical Performance Outcomes

  1. Maintains a safe work environment and sets an example for safe work practices. Injuries and accidents are minimal with a goal of no injuries, no workman’s comp filings, and no doctor or hospital visits. Ensures security of the work site by stowing tools and materials, as appropriate, inside; and locking all doors and windows at the end of the work day.


  1. Planning, budget and project implementation are completed with minimal changes; with effective use of time, contractors, and volunteers; and within Board-approved funding limits.
  2. Ensures high quality of construction throughout the project. Any issues found in internal and external inspections are addressed promptly, resulting in a “zero defect” completed project.
  3. Works effectively with volunteers and partner families to complete project tasks, providing leadership and training as needed; documents volunteer and Habitat family participation consistently and accurately.
  4. Coordinates and communicates regularly and effectively with the Executive Director and Committee.

Position is 24-32 hrs. per week. Pay is $20/hr.